Blueberry Festival 2019

A museum steam train departs on Saturday, July 13, from Ljubljana Central Railway Station at 9.30 a.m. to Borovnica Blueberry festival 2019.  One can by tickets at the railway station (14 € adoults, 7 € kids aged 6 – 12). The programme starts at 10 a. m. with the arrival of the blueberry carnival to the fair place […] več...

Visit Blueberry Festival Borovnica 2019 by steam train

Take a journey with a historic steam train from Ljubljana on Saturday, July 13, to a small town of Borovnica where Ljubljana moors meets high plateaus of Green Karst to the traditional festival dedicated to the delicious blue fruit. Experience traditional folk dances, lance art, agricultural and craft’s products. Take an old-timer bus to the nearby Technical Museum of Slovenia […] več...


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