Visit Blueberry Festival Borovnica 2019 by steam train

Take a journey with a historic steam train from Ljubljana on Saturday, July 13, to a small town of Borovnica where Ljubljana moors meets high plateaus of Green Karst to the traditional festival dedicated to the delicious blue fruit. Experience traditional folk dances, lance art, agricultural and craft’s products. Take an old-timer bus to the nearby Technical Museum of Slovenia settled in the old monastery of Bistra. Explore the heritage of the abandoned track of the  famous Vienna – Trieste Railway, Ljubljana moors and pristine Pekel Gorge and more. Train tickets are available at Ljubljana Railway Station at price of 7 € for kids aged 6 – 12 and 14 € for older persons, kids bellow 6 can travel for free.

• Travel to and from Borovnica in a steam historic train
• Make your own blueberry smoothie on  a »smoothie-bike«
• Visit Blueberry parade, blueberry flair and lace exposition 
• Get back to nature in Pekel Gorge (The Gorge “Hell”)
• Take a ride on a historic bus to Technical Museum of Slovenia placed in a medieval monastery of Bistra
• Walk to the remaining of once upon a time largest railway viaduct on the globe and to the railway guardhouse 666 – the only original guardhouse on historic Vienna – Trieste railway.

Full description

Steam engine museum train journey to the small market town of Borovnica in the foothills of the Krim and Menišija Karst plateaus.

Visit of the traditional Blueberry flair with tasting of various sorts of this delicious and healthy blue fruit that grow on plantations on nearby marshes. Tasting various home made products from blueberries and other berries as well as honey and organic fruits and vegetables. Experiencing traditional folk dances and visit an exposition of lances. Looking on spectacular single remaining column of Borovnica viaduct – the largest constructed object on historic Vienna – Trieste railway and at the time of its construction in the middle of 19th century the largest railway viaduct in the world. Exploring more on the history of the viaduct by taking a 10-minute walk to the renovated railway guardhouse 666 – the single remaining original guardhouse of Vienna-Trieste Railway. Getting familiar with Ljubljana Moors Nature Park and the 5.200-year-old wooden wheel with axis, found few km from Borovnica on Ljubljana moors.

Trekking across Ljubljana moors past blueberry plantations to the medieval monastery of Bistra, 5 km away from Borovnica. Alternatively, taking a journey by a Mercedes historic bus from 1951 to the monastery that hosts Technical Museum of Slovenia. Visiting the museum that also hosts collection of cars of the late marshal Tito, the hero of WW II partisan resistance and the leader of communist Yugoslavi

Alternatively, trekking to Pekel Gorge and walk the wooden paths to marvel at the Creek Otavščica runs through the steep  canyon with 5 major waterfalls from 3 up to 16 m high. Stopping for a lunch at Pekel Inn, famous for its extraordinary fresh trout from the creek and delicious local sweet »Peklenšček« (»The small Devil« as »Pekel” in Slovene language means »Hell«)



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