Other settlements in the Municipality of Borovnica

Breg pri Borovnici

JOC_9826_Breg_FenolitAn elongated settlement of Breg near Borovnica lies along the main road Borovnica – Podpeč and is located on the plane where edge of the marshes meets the foot of the Planina mountain. Before the World War I a smaller sawmill and later a larger timber plant operated at Breg. Nowadays the largest enterprise in the municipality is a chemical factory Fenolit Ltd., an internationally recognized producer of phenolic molding compounds and phenol based synthetic glues and resins, exporting about 80% of its production to the USA and the EU. Near the factory an equestrian centre can be found.

Hamlets of Breg and Pako have their own fire brigade located close to the bar Faškarija near the factory. In front of the fire station stands monumental statue designed by a famous architect Jožef Plečnik, and is dedicated to those who fell in the national liberation struggle during World War II. At the mouth of Borovniščica river divers spotted archaeological remains from different periods of human history.

Scattered plantations of blueberries can be found at the Ljubljana Marshes regional park a few hundred meters from the settlement. The area is popular among local joggers, Nordic walkers and cyclists.

(Author of the text: Simona Stražišar)


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