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Brezovica pri Borovnici

JOC_0429_BrezovicaBrezovica is situated at 354 meters above sea level at the foot of the steep mountainous barrier that separates the valley of Borovnica from Rakitna plateau. This hilly, steep and forested barrier is called Bregovi and spreads from (from SW to NE): Strmec (spring of Prušnica stream) Nalistnik, Šumik, and Krimšček that rises to 941 m. Above the village Zabočevo the barrier is completed by the slopes of a 959 m high Smrekovec mountain.
Village with a nucleated centre has hamlets Prod, Vrbljene and Kopitov Grič, where they discovered bauxite and iron ore, which were used in Roman times, maybe even earlier.

In Brezovica streams of Prušnica and Šumnik merge, and thist strong water force used to drove mills, sawmill and a small hydro powered station in the past. The upper part of its riverbed is extremely steep, and nature has formed a small waterfall that is especially interesting because of the collapse over the huge rock.

Under the steep walls of Krimšček and Goveščka that are reaching up above Brezovica, you can find karst caves Vihrovica, Pod ta visoko škalo and Golobja jama (Dove cave). The last one is a jewel of Borovnica’s underground. Just below the top of Krimšek there is a lookout point and this is also the highest point of the municipality of Borovnica (919 m).

At the beginning of Brezovica a local fire station is located, the seat of a volunteer firefighters from south settlements of Borovnica.

(Author of the text: Simona Stražišar)


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