Other settlements in the Municipality of Borovnica


JOC_0436_cerkvica na DražiciDražica is located 1,5 km S from Borovnica at the edge of Borovnica valley near the confluence of the streams Prušnica and Otavščica. Above the village climbs the Planina mountain.

A path leads to the village through the pine avenue. The Chappell of Virgin Mary of Mercy that is located on the hill at the end of the avenue was built in 1912 and occasionally hosts liturgy. The interior is adorned with a stone altar with a statue of Mary and on the walls with illustrations of the Cross.

Few houses however also stand along the main road that leads to Brezovica pri Borovnici. Here the E7 European long distance footpath takes place. Along the railway line we can observe limestone composed of tiny skeletons of green algae. These show that the limestone was formed in warm shallow water with good access of sunlight. The remains of the German bypass railway line, that were left after the bombardment of allies in late 1944 demolished the railway viaduct in Borovnica, can be traced on grassland even nowadays.

Just after the underpass of the railroad, which in sharp curve crosses Borovnica valley, the road is turning to the settlement of Ohonica through which the way leads to Pekel gorge and to small plateau where hamlets of Pristava and Lašče are located.

(Author of the text: Simona Stražišar)


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