Other settlements in the Municipality of Borovnica


JOC_0432_OhonicaThe village is located on the left bank of Otavščica creek below the steep slopes of the Mali Trebelnik. European footpath E7 is passing through the village all the way to the Pekel gorge that impresses visitors with its numerous rapids, five major waterfalls, interesting plants, and also a renowned restaurant. From Ohonica one can go uphill to Lašče or Pristava, and from there continue on to the Menišija plateau.

At the crossroads in the middle of the village stands a classicist styled chapel, built at the turn of to the 20th century and is registered as cultural heritage.

Linguist Dr. Fran Ramovš interpreted the name Ohonica as a derivation from alder (jelša), however the name of the place has also been recorded as Waхanica, Ochavnicza, Ochanicza.

(Author of the text: Simona Stražišar)


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