Other settlements in the Municipality of Borovnica


Cerkev - PakoPako is a hamlet known for its railway bridge and the church of St. Nicholas. The village is separated from the main road and the marshy fields by tall mounds of new railway line Ljubljana-Koper, but above it the route of the old railway is still clearly visible. Still persistent but already quite damaged is the structure of beautiful Pako railway bridge, one of the five major railway bridges in Borovnica valley. It has been built of stone and brick and has three arches.

The documents from the Monastery of Bistra (Freudenthal) mentioned the name Pako as “villa Pach” in 1300, and they referred to the villagers as “faškarji”. The name origins from the Latin word fascis, which means the package or bundle of wooden twigs. These were transported to Ljubljana and sold to bakers. Another theory says that “fask” or “butare” were produced by Friulian builders who built Borovnica viaduct in the middle of 19th century in order to burn the limestone in lime-pits to produce a lime.

(Author of the text: Simona Stražišar)


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