Other settlements in the Municipality of Borovnica


joc_1470_pristavaThe hamlet of Pristava lies on the slope of the shelf Pokojišče and the famous gorge Pekel (Hell), and hosts two farms. One of them has a well-preserved old cellar with a vaulted entrance named Brancelj’s granary. The name Pristava has been interpreted as a “house with outbuildings and land”. Hamlets with this name were mostly close to the mansions and in their domain or under their direct control, in our case this was Bistra monastery.

Today the village is a popular destination or just a stop station for hikers who are starting their round trip at Pekel gorge or are aiming to visit remote hamlets at the top of the Karst plateau Menišija. From there the path leads to Cerknica or through Verd to Vrhnika. On the plateau one can visit the remains of the largest Slovenian ancient monument – the Roman defence wall (Clavstura Alpinium Iuliarium) and the Church of St. Stephen from the 17th century. There is also a runway for hang gliders and paragliders. When the sky is clear the top of the plateau is offering a splendid view on the Ljubljana Marshes and the distant peaks of the Alps. An ancient transport route and European footpath E7 are passing through the large forests from the Bistra monastery (and Vrhnika) to Cerknica. In Colnar’s house on the opposite side of the former inn the duties have once collected duties which can be still recognised today from the plaque with the coat of arms of Wolfgang Markowitsch.

(Author of the text: Simona Stražišar)


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