Other settlements in the Municipality of Borovnica


JOC_0404_ZabočevoThe oldest inhabited place in Borovnica valley lies squeezed under the slopes of mountains Smrekovec and Krimšček.

The name, according to the interpretation of a linguist dr. Fran Ramovš, means “village, which lies at the edge, on the slope of the hill.” Old documents, with other names mentioned, also indicate names Zobozoi (1260), Zobozei, Zobotez, but the villagers also named it Sobočevo, Sabočevo.

In the village the stream Izber is emanating from the slopes of Smrekovec mountain. In the upper part the stream makes some small waterfalls. In Brezovica it blends with Prušnica flowing from slopes of Pruh mountain. A watermarked hiking trails lead to its top, where one has a good viewpoint. Through Zabočevo a path is passing to Rakitna, a popular climatic resort.

In the village one can find half a dozen of organic farms. The place is known for its frescoes of St. Christopher at St. John the Baptist church, which stands at the beginning of the village.

(Author of the text: Simona Stražišar)


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